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Ozone is proud to continue a long tradition of women’s ultimate in the Southeast. We are dedicated to pursuing equity in our sport. Our commitment to community is measured by the time we give coaching college, high school and YCC teams in our region. 2017 marks our 31st consecutive appearance at Nationals (going strong since 1987) as well as the addition of our first legacy player (Marie Perivier’s mom was original Ozone!). We are proud of our veterans Haley Reese and Katherine Wooten who helped earn Team U.S.A. gold medals at WCBU in June, and we are thrilled that Jin-Mi Matsunaga will be competing for Team U.S.A. next!

One of the things that makes ultimate unique is our history of identifying and pursuing equity within our community. While we are committed to maintaining gender equity as a guiding characteristic and tenet of USAU’s vision for our sport (and we are grateful to all players and advocates fighting for the same), we expect the conversation of equity in our sport to include racial and economic equities as well.


Atlanta, GA

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