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Molly Brown

Team Biography

A new elite team was formed in 2010, in an attempt by Denver/Boulder-area women’s ultimate players to put together a superstar roster of players in the area. After roughly 39,201 lines of Google spreadsheet doc debate, the team name was cemented: a tribute to 20th century Colorado suffragette and survivor Maggie “Molly” Brown.

In Molly Brown’s inaugural season in 2010, we placed ninth at the National Championships. In 2011, we advanced to a seventh-place finish. In 2012, Molly Brown improved again and finished fifth. In 2013, Molly Brown finished 11th. In 2014, Molly Brown had yet another early exit out of the bracket and tied for ninth. After finally breaking through the quarterfinals in 2015, Molly Brown has lost to Brute Squad in the semifinals of Nationals for the past two years and are looking to get to finals and win a National Championship.


Denver, CO

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