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Team Biography

Much like the legend of its namesake, NC Phoenix was formed in 2010 during a period of reformation for North Carolina women’s ultimate. The team has qualified for Nationals for all but two years of its existence.

In 2017, Phoenix experienced a dramatic change in personnel as 14 players moved on from the team for relocation, retirement or other purposes. Once again, Phoenix had to rise from the ashes and rebuild itself through the recruitment of young players and its current coach, Eddie Alcorn. The 2017 season found Phoenix placing 20th in the nation; this year, Phoenix exceeded expectations and broke into the top 10. This team is proud to return Phoenix to Club Nationals to represent North Carolina and the Southeast. On and off the field, we value a strong work ethic, dabble in metaphors and are way too into (read: appropriately obsessed with) cats.

Stronger together, we play for each other.


Durham, NC


Eddie Alcorn, Jessi Jones