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2017 National Championships: Women’s Day One Recap

By: Emilia Garcia



Riot v. Showdown

Showdown broke Riot early to start the game 2-1, but Riot eventually got back on serve at 4-3. Both teams were still gauging the slight wind and how to play through it – it wasn’t strong enough to be impossible to throw in but was just enough for the players to underestimate its effects on play. The game was tied at 4-4 before Riot rattled off four more points to take half 8-4. While play was not always clean (lots of drops and overthrown discs for both teams), it was Riot who capitalized more on Showdown’s mistakes to allow for a dominant second half. Texas was held to just two points in the latter half as Riot ran away with the win 15-6.

6ixers v. Underground

This was an evenly matched game overall. 6ixers took an early half lead 6-3 before Underground found their pace to tie the score at 7s, courtesy of a Taylor Hartman layout goal. However, it was the 6ixers who scored for 8-7. Underground managed to break out of half and then for the lead at 9-8. 6ixers finally answered and notched the next two points, breaking for 10-9. They were eventually tied at 11s before having to play double-game point. The 6ixers’ D line forced an error from Underground and converted for the upwind break to score 12-11. Game 6ixers.


Molly Brown v. Heist

Heist saw their first loss of the day against Molly Brown, 15-6. Molly took an early lead 2-0, but Heist was able to hang to 5-7 before losing the first half 6-8. Madison didn’t score again as Molly Brown took a 9-0 run to victory, 15-6.

Traffic v. Schwa

Schwa initially took the lead before Traffic fought back to 4-4. Then Traffic put their foot on the gas and did not let up, taking half and eventually outscoring Schwa 7-3 in the second. It was the first win of the day for Traffic, and they took their confidence into round two.


Fury v. Nightlock

There was no question here; Fury had full command. Both teams were a bit shaky to start, exchanging a pair of Ds and turnovers during the first point, but eventually, Fury slotted the first goal. Nightlock was unable to score any points before Fury rocketed to half 8-0. Nightlock was limited to just four points in the second before Fury ran away with the game 15-4.

Scandal v. Nemesis

Nemesis started with a zone look while Scandal worked the disc patiently. Jenny Fey scored the first point after leading Scandal through their paces upwind. D.C. immediately broke to make it 2-0. Nemesis hung tough, despite Scandal taking the first two points then extending their lead to 5-2. Chicago was able to stop the bleeding with a nice pass from Jenni Cocoran to Christina Sur 3-5, but it wasn’t enough. Scandal took half 8-4. Nemesis had plenty of opportunities with lots of chances to break, but they were unable to convert. Scandal won 15-6.

11:15AM – ROUND 2


Riot v. Underground

Riot started the game down 3-5 to Underground but soon trusted one another and pushed on the gas. They battled back to 5-5 and scored once more to finally take the lead 6-5 when Kelly Johnson zipped a smooth flick for the score thanks to Riot’s Sarah Davis handblock on Madeline Stephenson. Riot only allowed one more point for Underground in the second half before claiming their second win of the day, 12-6.

6ixers v. Showdown

Yet another tightly played game for the Toronto 6ixers. They traded with Showdown to 4-4 before taking the lead. Texas, however, found their sense of urgency, which helped them score three, going from down 5-7 to taking the half. Again, the teams traded, reaching 11s before the cap went on, first to 13 wins. They were tied again at 12s with 6ixers finding themselves on O to try and take the game. Toronto was unable to hold on, and Showdown closed the game out with Katey Forth finding Tina Woodings in the end zone – the first upset of the day. Both teams are now 1-1.


Brute Squad v. Pop

In a turnover-heavy game (Brute’s 30 to Pop’s 39), Brute still managed to flex their muscles in their first game of the day. Brute went up 2-0 before Pop was able to piece together their offensive flow and get on the board, 1-2. But Boston scored 8 more times before Pop even came close to securing a second point; they were held to only one more in the first half. Brute finished strong, 14-3.

Rival v. Ozone

This game was fun to watch. The teams were evenly matched, going point for point in the first half. There were plenty of opportunities to break for each team, but neither team could convert. Paula Seville and Lily Ponitz coolly worked together, setting up Ozone to take the half. It was finally Ozone who was able to convert their hard-earned Ds into goals, breaking Rival twice for 14-12 and eventually solidifying their win at 15-12. Rival dropped to 0-2 in the pool.


Scandal v. Nightlock

Scandal struggled to find their groove, and both teams struggled in the wind, but Scandal still took half 8-5.While Scandal held a slight margin over Nightlock, it started to slowly disappear as Nightlock found ways to break Scandal. The score was 10-9 in favor of Scandal when soft cap came on…game to 12. Nightlock was able to tie at 11s and had an opportunity to take the upset on a break chance, but turned the disc over. Jenny Fey quickly found her favorite target, Sandy Jorgensen, for the goal and win, 12-11.

Fury v. Nemesis

Another easy win for Fury, while Nemesis improved their overall play. Fury traded the first few points with Nemesis holding even at 3-2. Then Fury came down in zone, and it proved too much for Chicago. Fury had no problem marching the disc upwind for score after score, allowing San Francisco to comfortably build a 3-7 lead before taking half. Nemesis was able to convert a Katie Dyer handblock for a much-needed score, 5-10. But Fury, again, was able to work the disc up-field, despite the wind. They won the game easily, 15-7, and notched their second win. Fury improved to 2-0 in the pool, while Nemesis dropped 0-2.

1:30PM – ROUND 3


Riot v. 6ixers

This is the game where Riot finally looked comfortable with themselves. They handedly took half 8-3, but the 6ixers were able to score out of half, going point for point until 9-5. Then Riot made a run for a comfortable lead, 12-5, before the 6ixers were able to score again. Riot ran away with the game, 15-8; they finished the day 3-0, while 6ixers finished 2-1.

Underground v. Showdown

Underground went into the game with ferocity, and they made sure to capitalize on a tired Showdown. Showdown’s turnovers were often unforced, whether from tired legs or loss of focus. Underground pounced and did not look back. Seattle broke for the last two points and won 12-6, and eking out a place for pre-quarters.


Brute Squad v. Rival

Brute Squad started to clean up their game and minimized turnovers significantly in their win against Rival; they also continued to distribute the disc evenly for goals. Rival had no answer for Brute’s stifling defense, which generated 14 Ds, allowing Boston to handedly take half 8-3. Between the first and second halves, Brute Squad went on a 7-0 run before Rival was able to get their third point. Brute closed out the game 15-4, improving to 2-0 in the pool with Rival dropping to 0-2.

Ozone v. Pop

Ozone found some breathing room as they easily put the game away 12-6. Pop tried to stay close at the beginning but soon found themselves trailing 2-5 and eventually 4-8 as Ozone took the first half. Minnesota only scored two more points in the second half, dropping to 0-2 in pool.


Molly Brown v. Schwa

Molly scored the first three points before Schwa could get on the board, and Molly did not let up until they took half 8-5. Schwa was left reeling as Molly Brown got a break out of half to make the score 9-5. Colorado was able to easily capitalize on a turn by Mariel Hammond, Claire McKeever finding Victoria Elmore for a goal, 10-5. Schwa was no match for Molly Brown; Molly outscored Schwa 7-5 in the second half to capture their second W, 15-10.

Traffic v. Heist

Traffic continued their win streak and improved to 2-0 with this win over Heist. Again Heist found themselves evenly matched in the first half before the game slipped away from them in the second. The teams traded to 4-4 before Traffic rattled off two. Heist responded with a handblock and quick assist from Robyn Wiseman for a score. Traffic took half 8-6 and eventually the game 15-11. Traffic was just more able to capitalize on mistakes and Ds.

3:45PM – ROUND 4


Brute v. Ozone

Brute was finally challenged in their last game of the day as Ozone scored more points than their previous two competitors combined. Sadly, it was not enough for Ozone, and they were handed their first loss of the day 15-9.

Pop v. Rival

In the game to go to pre-quarters, both teams played down to the wire. Pop got their first break of the game and lead of the day as they broke Rival 5-4. Rival persisted: Theresa Zettner was able to connect with Tracey Lo to get their break back 5-5. Pop eventually took half and came out with intensity in the second. They soon found themselves sitting at 12-9 in a game to 14. Rival has a penchant for a good fight, and that is just what they did. They scored the next three points to tie the game at 12s. Rival had plenty more opportunities to win the game but could not come down with the disc in their end zone into the wind; Pop got blocks every time. Minnesota finally composed themselves and successfully captured their first win to advance to pre-quarters, 14-12.


Heist v. Schwa

Both teams entered the game with 0-2 records, and each was looking for a win in order to stay alive and in contention for the championship bracket. Schwa was ready for battle. Their energy was high, and it propelled them to their first win of the day against Heist, another upset and a spot in pre-quarters. Madison simply could not string together enough points to have a chance. They went down in the first half 8-6 and only scored three more in the second. Heist could not hold on and had too many missed connections by the smallest of margins; they were knocked out of contention.

Molly Brown v. Traffic

Molly Brown finished their day 3-0, but not as easily as they might have expected. Traffic provided a good game the first half, keeping within two as Molly led 6-8, but they were only allowed to score two more, before falling 15-8. Both teams held seed, Molly earning the bye into quarters and Traffic advancing to the pre-quarters.


Fury v. Scandal

This was not really a contest. Scandal did not seem put together at all, and Fury took advantage, attacking with precision and making easy work for their last win of the day 15-7. At the end of pool play for Fury, they looked like a finals team hungry for a championship. Each team finished as expected in the pool, holding seed.

Nightlock v. Nemesis

Nemesis fell in their final game of the day and missed out on pre-quarters as Nightlock proved victorious. Traffic took advantage of unforced turnovers and broke early to lead Chicago 5-3. Nemesis came within one as Jacqueline Jarik found Julia Butterfield in the end zone before tying the score 6s. It was Nightlock who took half 8-6 and never let their lead slip again. Nightlock claimed their victory, holding seed and grabbed a spot in the pre-quarters.