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2017 National Championships: Mixed Day Four Recap

Mixtape Bests AMP, Wins the Triple Crown on Double-Game Point

By: Katie Judd

Seattle Mixtape pulled off a win on double-game point against Philadelphia AMP for the national championship and the Triple Crown on Sunday in Sarasota. While both teams displayed unparalleled athleticism and skill, Seattle Mixtape’s defensive line carried the day, with Khalif El-Salaam at the helm.

Mixtape started the game on offense and quickly went up on AMP by two breaks to make the score 3-0. The Mixtape defense was putting on the pressure, but the turnovers largely came from unforced errors by a jittery AMP offensive line. But AMP settled down, and smart poaching and defensive plays from Michael Ing got them back in the game to make it 3-2 Mixtape. Both teams laid it all on the line with huge plays, including a back-of-the-end zone catch from AMP’s Nick Purifico.

AMP tied it up with a big up-the-line throw from Carolyn Normile. Minutes later, a successful deep poach got a turn, which AMP converted to take the lead. Both teams held until half, which AMP took 8-7.

The Philly squad started the second half on offense and made quick work of the Mixtape defensive line to go up by two. After a Seattle hold, Mixtape’s El-Salaam launched a huge full-field huck to Evan Klein for the first Mixtape break of the second half, tying the game at 9s. The teams traded points until the game was capped for a game to 13. AMP had the advantage, coming out on offense at 12 all – double-game point. They got just inches from the goal line after a turnover and huge defensive block from Anna Thompson. But an AMP turn on the goal line gave Mixtape the disc and the full 70 to work. Patient offense, powered by Khalif El-Salaam, got them to the goal line, where he called a time out, and Brad Houser found Bert Abbott for the game-winning goal.

Overall, athletic plays from AMP’s women on both sides of the disc, particularly from Raha Mozaffari and Anna Thompson, propelled the team in the second half, but Mixtape was effective at exploiting AMP’s poachy defense and capitalized on unforced errors from Philadelphia. The last points were hard fought, with several turns on both sides, but Mixtape was able to dig in and grind out a win on defense. And with that, the 2017 season comes to a close, with Triple Crown champion Mixtape, along with AMP and Seattle BFG, winning bids to the 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships set for next year in Cincinnati.