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2017 National Championships: Women’s Day Four Recap

By: Emilia Garcia
San Francisco Fury returned to golden glory winning their 10th championship late Sunday afternoon after knocking off the two-time defending national champions, Boston Brute Squad. Their win against Boston came down to the wire and left Brute Squad stunned as the three-peat was snatched out of their hands.

Brute led most of the game, starting with a second-point break that put them up 2-0. By the fifth point, Boston was up 4-1 after capitalizing on a fumbled Fury disc 20 yards outside the Boston end zone. Fury was able to take advantage of a dropped pass as well on a miscued throw to Becky Malinowski. Fury worked the disc patiently for a break of their own to close the gap to 3-4. The teams traded multiple turnovers in most points, some having to result in a timeout as they neared their respective end zones. Brute took half 8-6 with Kami Groom either assisting or scoring on three of their last four points.

Fury collected themselves during halftime and came out on a mission for greatness. Brute and Fury traded, point for point, playing tight person defense, but it was a mixture of execution errors by Brute in the red zone and Fury’s defensive line prowess that gave Fury the chance they needed to convert those turns into goals and eventually the lead. Katie Ryan’s high layout D on Groom and Carolyn Finney getting a crucial run-through D are just some examples of Fury’s willingness to give everything and put their bodies on the line.

The score was tied up at 11s, but with the offensive advantage, Brute was the first two 12 before the game was sent into soft cap, winner take all at 14. Again, Fury held to tie at 12s, but it was a popped-up pass from Emily Baecher that Liên Hoffmann could not quite explode upwards high enough to reel in that gave Fury their big break. Fury gut punched Brute for the lead at 13-12. Angela Zhu and Groom worked the disc in the red zone, and Zhu found Cassie Wong who skied Opi Payne for the (again) tying goal. On double-game point, Fury’s offense was just too much for Brute’s defense, and Fury easily worked up-field in the wind where Finney found Cree Howard for the game winner.

Game – Fury. Champions once again.

Brute did everything to play the best game they could. They generated Ds, they minimized their turnovers, and they moved the disc well, using the whole field. Fury just played a slightly better game; they took advantage of their opponents’ mistakes and capitalized when it mattered most.

For viewer’s at home, I hope the game was as spectacular to watch live as it was to see it live.