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2019 National Championships: Final Standings

The 2019 club season came to an exciting end at the National Championships last weekend in San Diego, Calif. Philadelphia AMP defended their title, winning their second straight national championship in the mixed division. Seattle Sockeye (men’s) won their first title since 2007, and Boston Brute Squad (women’s) won their program’s third title.

Below are the final standings from each division. Teams that placed 1st-8th automatically qualified for the 2020 Pro Flight, while teams that placed 9th-16th qualified for the 2020 Elite Flight.

Full Results

Men Mixed Women
1. Sockeye 1. AMP 1. Brute Squad
2. Machine 2. Mischief 2. 6ixers
3T. Ring of Fire 3T. Drag’n Thrust 3T. Fury
3T. PoNY 3T. shame. 3T. Schwa
5. Truck Stop 5. BFG 5. Riot
6. Revolver 6. Mixtape 6. Molly Brown
7T. Rhino Slam! 7T. Superlame 7T. Scandal
7T. Sub Zero 7T. Public Enemy 7T. Phoenix
9T. Doublewide 9T. Cocktails 9T. Nightlock
9T. Furious George 9T. Snake Country 9T. Traffic
11. Condors 11. Polar Bears 11. Siege
12. Temper 12. MOONDOG 12. Nemesis
13. GOAT 13. Wild Card 13. Wildfire
14. DiG 14. Space Heater 14. Iris
15. Johnny Bravo 15. Toro 15. Pop
16. Chain Lightning 16. Slow White 16. Ozone