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For their 10th season on these rough and ragged seas, the proud sailors of Ironside return to Nationals, sights set on glory. The whipping winds of Sarasota have scuttled many a fine vessel, and only the bravest can navigate these treacherous waters. While several long oarsmen from a prior crew have since retired into the gilded sunset, new recruits have swelled the ranks in a quest to defend their hard-fought treasure from looting raiders.

The voyage has been long. Out from the doldrums of the off-season, through rampant scurvy, and past the clawing grasps of sea-beasts have our sailors gone a-battling. With high spirit and spirit high, the Ship is humming once again with the power of 26 souls working in tandem and heaving as one to cast their sails, catch the bursting gust, and set forth on a journey anew. Amidst the crashing waves, you’ll hear the sailors exclaim “Huzzah! Her sides are made of Iron” as we load our broadsides and prepare to fire the cannons.

Ironside stands with the women of the ultimate community and is committed to the gender equity movement in our sport.


Boston, MA

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