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Team Biography

Montana Ultimate was first put on the map when 2001’s Trigger Hippy and the 2008 Mental Toss Flycoons won Club Nationals. Through roster turnover and rebrandings, the elite ultimate scene in Montana was lost in the wind, like Cold Smoke on the Ridge at Bridger Bowl. But desire does not lay dormant long, and soon a new drive to compete against the elite was reforged, just as Anduril was remade from the fragments of Narsil. The bond between elves and men was made anew as Bozeman Bozos and Missoula Mental Toss Flycoons laid down their arms to challenge darkness. Together, these men and women united under one flag, the MOONDOG. Bound to no master, the MOONDOGs have created the most exciting pre-ski-season hype in a decade.