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Spirit Awards

Divisional Spirit Awards

Each gender division at the National Championships has an award that honors individuals who, in addition to displaying the highest level of spirit, gives back to the ultimate community, elevating one of the sport’s core values.

Farricker Award, est. 2002

Named for Peter “Wheels” Farricker, the men’s division spirit award is given to the player at the National Championships adjudged to have exhibited personal responsibility, integrity, and fairness combined with a high standard of playing ability. Each Nationals-qualifying men’s team nominates one player from their own team for the award as the person who best represents Spirit of the Game.

Pufahl Award, est. 2004

Named for Kathy Pufahl, the women’s division spirit award honors the athlete who best exemplifies both the ethos of Spirit of the Game, along with a personal commitment to giving back to the sport. Each team at the National Championships casts a vote for one of the nominees, selected by their individual teams, taking into account who has exhibited personal responsibility, integrity and selfless contribution to ultimate, combined with a high standard of playing ability.

Spirit & Equity Award, est. 2016

The mixed division’s Spirit and Equity Award is given to one female- and one male-identified player each year. The winners are determined by Nationals-qualifying mixed teams and honor athletes who have exhibited personal integrity, responsibility and fairness, along with a commitment to enhancing equity in play and in their communities.

Team Spirit Awards

At the end of each game at the National Championships, teams are asked to rate their opponents’ spirit, as well as their own, in a number of categories, including communication, rules knowledge and fair-mindedness. The scores are averaged, and the team in each division with the highest score is awarded the Team Spirit Award.

Past Award Winners

Men's Division

Year Farricker Spirit Award Team Spirt Award
2023 Timmy Perston, Salem Rhino Slam! Minneapolis Sub Zero
2022 David Cranston, DC Truck Stop Madison Mad Men
2021 Walden Nelson, Chicago Machine San Francisco Revolver
2020 Von Alanguilan, Chicago Machine
2019 Trent Dillon, Seattle Sockeye Toronto GOAT
2018 Grant Lindsley, San Francisco Revolver Pittsburgh Temper
2017 Jay Froude, Austin Doublewide Denver Johnny Bravo
2016 Owen Westbrook, Denver Johnny Bravo Seattle Sockeye
2015 Ashlin Joye, San Francisco Revolver Minneapolis Sub Zero
2014 Danny Clark, Boston Ironside Minneapolis Sub Zero
2013 Beau Kittredge, San Francisco Revolver San Francisco Revolver
2012 Martin Cochran, San Francisco Revolver Chicago Machine
2011 Matt Rebholz, Boston Ironside Atlanta Chain Lightning
2010 Bart Watson, San Francisco Revolver Boston Ironside
2009 Robbie Cahill, San Francisco Revolver San Francisco Revolver
2008 Josh McCarthy, Boston Ironside Chicago Machine
2007 Chase Sparling-Beckley, Seattle Sockeye Ames The Van Buren Boys
2006 Allan Cowan, Vancouver Furious George Monster
2005 Jeffrey Eastham-Anderson, San Francisco Jam San Francisco Jam
2004 Damien Scott, San Francisco Jam Atlanta Chain Lightning
2003 Andy Crews, Santa Barbara Condors Austin Doublewide
2002 Moses Rifkin, Boston Death or Glory Madison Club
2001 Warriors
1996 Atlanta Chain Lightning
1995 Bay Area Double Happiness
1994 Cornell

Mixed Division

Year Spirit and Equity Award Team Spirt Award
2023 Robyn Fennig, Madison NOISE & Josue Alorro, New York XIST Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust
2022 Caleb Denecour, Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust & Alissa Soo, Seattle BFG Seattle BFG
2021 Joe Anderson, Fort Collins shame. & Mya Hernandez, Ann Arbor Hybrid Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust
2020 Shanye Crawford, Atlanta Bucket & Thomas Brewster, Dayton Thunderpants the Magic Dragon
2019 Henry Phan, Seattle Mixtape & Ann Sitler, Asheville Superlame Montana MOONDOG
2018 Lili Gu & Andrew Hagen, Seattle BFG Columbus Cocktails
2017 Kate Kingery, Seattle BFG & Paul Utesch, Dallas Public Enemy Connecticut Metro North
2016 Allysha Dixon, Philadelphia AMP & David Protter, Denver Love Tractor Dallas Public Enemy
2015 Denver Love Tractor
2014 Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust
2013 Boston Wild Card
2012 Missoula Mental Toss Flycoons
2011 Boston Slow White
2010 Tucson Barrio
2009 Bashing Pinatas
2008 Peppermint Bon Bon, Quiet Coyote
2007 Bashing Pinatas
2006 The Salsa Police
2005 Gorilla Foot
2004 Duff
2003 Kaze
2002 Smelts, Hot Action
2001 Holes & Poles
2000 Pigs in Space

Women's Division

Year Kathy Pufahl Spirit Award Team Spirt Award
2023 Maggie Ruden, San Francisco Fury San Diego Flipside
2022 Sarah Griffith, San Francisco Fury San Diego Flipside
2021 Carolyn Finney, San Francisco Fury Columbus Rival
2020 Tulsa Douglas, Boston Brute Squad
2019 Anraya Palmer, Atlanta Ozone Portland Schwa
2018 Chip Chang, Minneapolis Pop San Diego Wildfire
2017 Amber Sinicrope, Boston Brute Squad Madison Heist
2016 Anna Nazarov, San Francisco Fury Columbus Rival
2015 Alex Snyder, San Francisco Fury Seattle Riot
2014 Leila Tunnell, Boston Brute Squad Gainesville Tabby Rosa
2013 Nancy Sun, San Francisco Fury Seattle Riot
2012 Lauren Casey, San Francisco Fury San Francisco Fury
2011 Gwen Ambler, Seattle Riot St. Louis RevoLOUtion
2010 Michelle Ng, Austin Showdown San Francisco Fury
2009 Jody Dozono, San Francisco Fury Vancouver Traffic
2008 Allison Boyd, Denver Rare Air San Francisco Fury
2007 DeAnna Ball, Columbus MOJO Ambush
2006 Kris Gill, Washington, DC Bnogo Seattle Riot
2005 Kati Halmos, Seattle Riot San Diego Safari, Zanzara
2004 Vida Towne, Seattle Riot Clutch
2003 Clutch
2002 Pounce
2001 Boston Prime
1996 Atlanta Ozone
1995 Chicago Nemesis II
1994 Twister