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Triple Crown Tour


The Pro Championships, formerly known as the Pro Flight Finale, was held for the first time in 2013, as part of the new Triple Crown Tour season. The event is designed to bring together all teams in the Pro Flight of the Triple Crown Tour, the top eight finishers in each division from the previous year’s National Championships. In 2016, two bids in each division were added to the competition field for the top two finishers at the Pro-Elite Challenge.

Beginning in 2014, the Pro Flight Finale became the second leg of the Triple Crown, bookended by the U.S. Open Championships and the National Championships. San Francisco Revolver is the only team to date to have won the Triple Crown, a feat they have accomplished twice.

The Pro Flight Finale was rebranded as the Pro Championships in 2017.


Year Champion Runner-up Location
2023 DC Truck Stop Atlanta Chain Lightning Milwaukee, WI
2022 DC Truck Stop New York PoNY Raleigh, NC
2021 Seattle Sockeye DC Truck Stop Boulder, CO
2019 New York PoNY Chicago Machine Philadelphia, PA
2018 New York PoNY San Francisco Revolver New York, NY
2017 San Francisco Revolver Chicago Machine Burlington, WA
2016 San Francisco Revolver Washington DC Truck Stop Vancouver, WA
2015 San Francisco Revolver Boston Ironside Blaine, MN
2014 Chicago Machine Boston Ironside Burlington, WA
2013 Toronto GOAT Austin Doublewide Davis, CA


Year Champion Runner-up Location
2023 Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust Seattle BFG Milwaukee, WI
2022 Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust Michigan Hybrid Raleigh, NC
2021 Seattle Mixtape Fort Collins shame. Boulder, CO
2019 Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust Philadelphia AMP Philadelphia, PA
2018 Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust Seattle Mixtape New York, NY
2017 Seattle Mixtape San Francisco Blackbird Burlington, WA
2016 Philadelphia AMP Boston Slow White Vancouver, WA
2015 Ames Chad Larson Experience Minneapolis Drag'n Thrust Blaine, MN
2014 San Francisco Polar Bears Ames Chad Larson Experience Burlington, WA
2013 San Francisco Polar Bears Ames Chad Larson Experience Davis, CA


Year Champion Runner-up Location
2023 Raleigh Phoenix Washington, DC Scandal Milwaukee, WI
2022 Denver Molly Brown Raleigh Phoenix Raleigh, NC
2021 Denver Molly Brown Boston Brute Squad Boulder, CO
2019 San Francisco Fury Denver Molly Brown Philadelphia, PA
2018 Boston Brute Squad Washington, DC Scandal New York, NY
2017 Seattle Riot Boston Brute Squad Burlington, WA
2016 Seattle Riot Boston Brute Squad Vancouver, WA
2015 Boston Brute Squad Seattle Riot Blaine, MN
2014 Boston Brute Squad Seattle Riot Burlington, WA
2013 Seattle Riot Washington, DC Scandal Davis, CA